I'm a person of many names and usernames. That being said, save for a couple alternate usernames, for now, I am known as Aral, or aralsheart. I am in my mid 20s and from France, born and raised there. I moved around a lot during my childhood, which may be why I tend to like switching up my identity every now and then. After all, I'd effectively disappear from people's lives and reappear somewhere else...

I was never much into mainstream social media, though I had it to fit in with my peers. I got rid of my accounts in 2019, save for on and off Reddit accounts that I would open and delete within a few months, but even this now is no longer much of my thing. As I'm maturing, I find myself less and less interested in those things, and more into hanging out on the older-fashioned web and on Discord (though it does suck in some aspects). The mainstream web is just so damn boring, bloated, repeats the same shit over and over and ultimately feels like junk food: nice every now and then, but just not satisfying.

As to say a little more about myself, I'm an ex-furry (from 12 to 22 years old). I'm also a curious person who knows at least a little bit about a variety of topics because at some point or another something just piqued my curiosity and I went down a rabbit hole, deep or shallow.

I speak French, English, Russian and European Portuguese, and have touched many other languages. My interests are, but not limited to: writing, art, history (especially WWII, which has been following me since my teenage years), psychology, nature, medicine, world cultures... and I've dabbled in many hobbies, but drawing and writing are my main ones, as well as some periods of gaming every now and then.

About the website

Shortly after I joined Agora Road in early 2022, perhaps within a day or two, I learned about Neocities. I wanted to make a writer's site, as I was trying to build my identity as a writer, but I did not go through with it and later on migrated to ichi.city, which I preferred due to its smaller size. At first, it was a regular website. However, I abandoned it in June 2022 and left it to gather dust up until I decided to revive it and make it into a blog. That's how on June 15, 2023, I started this new blogging adventure...


Email: heartoftheurals@gmail.com
Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/105312818
Pillowfort: https://www.pillowfort.social/aralsheart (not updated in a while)

Miscellaneous stuff

Johari + Nohari