This is my poetry. I don't write that much of it (I prefer drawing and writing stories), but I still enjoy doing it from time to time, generally when I'm in love with somebody or go through a difficult period.


I may translate my poems in the future, but
for now they're only available in Russian.
It's my preferred writing language.

date format: dd/mm/yy

06.11.21 | Волна (Wave)

06.11.21 | Волна (Wave) [alternative version with Zhansaya's input]

08.11.21 | С тобой я хочу... (With you I want...)

19.11.21 | Спокойствие (Calm)

07.12.21 | Голубой пруд (The blue pond)

24.12.21 | Aлатау, чудесный Алатау! (Alatau, wonderful Alatau!)

28.01.22 | Над Ганюшкино светит солнце красным... (The sun shines red above Ganyushkino...)

15.03.22 | Горе (Grief)

02.06.22 | Калинка (Kalinka)